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When it comes to rug cleaning Supreme Carpet Cleaners has been cleaning rugs for over 22 years and has dedicated a section of the business to just rug cleaning. Our rug cleaning specialists inspect and identify any types of stains that might have damaged or faded the carpet. Our rug cleaning factory has special machines dedicated to clean rugs from countries like Turkish, Afghan, Indian, Chinese, Persian (Iran), Silk, and any other type of rugs that are not listed. Supreme Carpet Cleaners have been cleaning specialty rugs and area rugs for over 20 years giving us the skills and experience to provide you with the best top quality rug cleaning.


Persian Rug Cleaning in New York

This is a hand woven persian rug made in Iran and exported to many different countries around the world. Persian rugs and carpets are known for their unique texture and design compared to many other carpets and rugs through out the world. Persian rugs can really bring out an expensive look to your home but at times it can be stained and damaged. Supreme Carpets has certified technicians with CIF and IIRC as wells as BBB specialized in just persian rug cleaning.


Oriental Rug Cleaning in NYC

Oriental Rugs can be high end and unique because of their design. These expensive rugs sometimes tend to get dirty with dirt and grime because people step on it with shoes are someone stains it with coffee. Getting the right rug cleaner for this expensive rug can sometimes cost you a leg and an arm because of the ridiculous prices rug cleaners charge. At Supreme we give you a free estimate if you are satisfied with our price then we can pick up your beautiful Oriental Rug and take it to our rug factory where we use our dedicated techniques and give you the best results possible!


Chinese Rug Cleaning in NY

Is your Chinese Rug stained? damaged? Well then you need to choose the right cleaner to take care of the rug right away. Chinese Rugs need to be cleaned frequently compared to other types of rugs.At Supreme Cleaners we tackle the stains and damages that are on the rug and restore it to its original look. We know exactly how delicate these types of rugs can be and how it can be a pain for you to clean at times. We understand your pain that your rug needs to be cleaned because who doesn’t want a clean rug.


Silk Rug Cleaning in New York

Silk Rugs are one of the most beautiful rugs in the world and the hardest to find. Silk rugs can stand out compared to many other types of rugs because of their texture and expensive silk thread. Silk rugs can sometimes be part of our home because of the story that it tells. We provide delicate skills needed to clean a hand woven silk rug like yours. How much does it cost to clean my silk rug? Well you can get all the answers you want when you call our office and we schedule you for a free estimate with the price and procedures of how we will clean your delicate rug.


Afghan Rug Cleaning in NYC

When looking to purchase a rug Afghan Rugs can be one of the most expensive in the market due to their design and colors. Afghan Rugs are made from machines in Afghanistan and then after are exported to different countries around the world. These type of rugs are a mess to clean all by your self and sometimes you wish you had somebody come and do the cleaning for you, well now you can because Supreme Cleaners offers quality rug care and high end rug cleaning just like your rug deserves.


Wool Rug Cleaning in New York

Wool Rugs bring out a warmer feeling to your home especially in the winter when we want to be as warm as possible. Wool Rugs have texture and quality and can be pricey on intricate designs and colors. Wool rugs are one of the hardest rugs to clean because of their texture fabric. Wool rugs are sometimes destroyed by owners because they think they can tackle the job on their own with their chemicals and cleaning tools. Wool Rugs are very delicate and if it is cleaned the wrong way it can be ruined and unfixable. The next time you need your Wool Rug cleaned you know Supreme Cleaners is here every step of the way.


Handmade Rug Cleaning in NYC

Handmade rugs are not produced in bulk like many other rugs they have their own unique and distinct design. Handmade Rugs can be very valuable to a home because of its history and meaning to someone. These types of Rugs take time and effort to put together a masterpiece with vibrant colors and designs. At Supreme Cleaners we offer our clients exclusive rug cleaning services for Handmade.