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Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC is a well-established NY based cleaning company that provides top quality residential and commercial cleaning services with professionalism. Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC provides individualized solutions for your cleaning problems. We've dedicated and professional cleaners offering the very best quality cleaning services. With a large number of happy customers, Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC is the #1 cleaning provider in NY. It's the best choice that you can hire Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC for our cleaning needs. Being among the leading cleaning providers in NY, we use eco-friendly solution that will not cause any injury to the environment as well as your kids and pets. Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC has certified and skilled technicians that deliver the perfect results. We offer quick and effective cleaning services. Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC may be the one-stop solution for all your cleaning process.


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How often should I get my Carpet Cleaned?

To keep your carpet clean you need to vacuum at least twice weekly, you almost certainly clean your hard floors about this now because you can view the dirt and dust, so rug cleaning is paramount for health and hygiene, you need to clean the filtering to your dwelling preferably with a high quality vacuum with high efficient micro filtration bags preferably a hepa filter to trap at least 0.5 micron this can help the dust particles from becoming airborne.

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Carpet Cleaning NYC

Carpet Cleaning

A bright carpet can bring an array of benefits to any space adding a splash to the color scheme, pleasure of not having the cold floor beneath the feet, a warm sensation and a sign of one’s personal taste. Carpets have been in use for a long time and serve as both decorative elements and as a method to keep your home warm. Carpets are available in a range of materials, textures, and colors. Some are made by hand, and others are manufactured. They have become an integral part of the majority of homes. Carpets are a great choice for homes, but they have a few disadvantages, however, they have one major disadvantage They must be cleaned frequently. Why? Because of a variety of reasons They are susceptible to be colored and absorb unpleasant smells they are prone to becoming worn and discolored when not maintained properly. They draw a lot of undesirable guests, including dust pollen, allergens, animal hairs, tiny insects and mites. Additionally, they are able to absorb moisture and turn mouldy. These issues aren’t just a sign that carpets be ruined within a short amount of period of time, but they could actually pose an enigma for health.

Carpet Repair

Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC Serving Carpet Repair Services across NY. To fix your obvious seams on your carpet, carpet patch repair and carpet iron burn repair, as well as carpet restreching, our carpet repair specialists can last anywhere in NY. Our carpet repair specialist has been IICRC certified and is specialized in carpet stretching and re-stretching carpet installation, laying and re-installation. carpet seams and iron burns, as well as waves, bubbles and fraying. Looking for carpet restoration service in NY and surrounding areas? Then you are you are welcome for a visit to Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC. We are definitely an area-based carpet repair service provider that can deal with the various kinds of carpet that were in use for fifteen years ago. Our goal is to offer the best carpet repair services to your customers. We use the most effective tools and techniques to repair your carpet. We ensure that the methods we employ to fix the carpet must be conveyed to your customers to ensure their satisfaction. For some people, staining carpet carpet or any other carpet damage can be an extremely heartbreaking scenario. The stain that is left on the carpet cannot be cleaned with easily washing or even some stainings are more difficult to remove when you use water.

Upholstery Cleaning

Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC has many furniture cleaning options for customers. We can clean your upholstery furniture and remove years from their appearance. We’ve educated our cleaning technicians to be able to clean various types of upholstery fabric. We don’t treat your upholstery in the same way as we treat suede. There isn’t a single cleaning approach that is universally applicable. The staff at Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC know that a lot of our clients care about their environmental impact of their home. They inquire whether our upholstery cleaning techniques are safe for their family members and pets. Yes Our products are safe for your health. We do not permit any harmful chemical to escape into the environment. Our green cleaning products improve the air quality in your home and reduce the symptoms of allergic reactions against two major allergens within the home, which are made up are dust mites as well as animal Dander. The tiny particles penetrate upholstery fabric, causing damage to the fibers. Professional furniture cleaning services such as ours recognize that the different fabrics used in upholstery have different tolerances and require special cleaning methods. Your regular upholstery cleaning can do wonders to keep your furniture looking brand new.

Tile Cleaning

After installation, you’ll quickly discover if your grout or tile is not sealed since any liquid or food spilled on the floor will be absorbed into the grout and tile and may stain it for a long time. Even after sealing tiles can begin to age due to the grout getting darker and discoloration (This is possibly the most frequently reported complaint from business and home owners). In particular, since tile is often located in moist environments such as a bathroom or kitchen, grout could become dark and, in some instances, develop dark or moldy. Tile floors are able to restored to their former splendor with a simple dose of grout and tile cleaning. Even though a simple cleaning is recommended to be carried out in conjunction with your usual kitchen cleaning and bathrooms cleaning and general cleaning of your home so that it looks as clean as it can be take a few minutes of professional grout cleaning or grout cleaning can remove the discoloration and stains you can’t clean using regular household cleaning products. Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC can make your tiled and grouted areas, no matter if it’s just one or 20 years old. Our grout tile cleaning services provide a wide range of options.

Odor Control

Odor is simply your sensation of smell (Olfactory) sensing chemical compounds that are reactive, either natural or synthetic in the form of gas which is known as off gassing. There are a variety of reasons to blame for an Odor. To list them all would be a bit crazy, so we’ll connect it to the things in your home that suffer from it. For instance, for instance, all of your furniture e.g. carpet or upholstery, mattresses or your hard flooring e.g. floor boards, grout lines crevices and even those walls (gyprock) Odors may trigger different reactions within a person. For instance, for example, a fresh car smell may be a great sensation or peppermint can provide a soothing or healing effects, but for certain people, like me, they experience an asymptomatic reaction to certain smells. The smell of mould or musty causes me to suffer from asthma, or sprays of deodorant cause me to have headaches and hay fever. Therefore, odors in your home or the work area is a major problem. The buildup of oily soils resulting from cooking fumes can be an Odor you’d like to get rid of, or the Odor of cigarettes in the area that you just moved to is overwhelming, the list goes on.

Stain Removal

Different fibres have different characteristics and require certain considerations if they should be cleaned. Coffee, Tea and cokes include a Tanning agent, Cordial dyes & most food colours are acid dyes, similar to those utilized by the maker to dye the carpet / upholstery to begin with. So it’s imperative a skilled professional carpet cleaner handles these stains. Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC can treat your stains to the perfect outcome. At Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC we treat any stains with this knowledge and wide selection of stain removal products, basic stains and old yellow stains which have been there a long time are extremely hard to eliminate and so are basically there to remain so we usually do not guarantee stain removal on mattresses. Most spills and spots are easily removed with Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC’s basic cleaning. However, occasionally, difficult stains such as paint, lipstick, permanent marker, etc. require special treatment. Our professionally trained technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art products that can take care of virtually all spots and stains with our Specialty Stain Removal service. Using an arsenal of safe and effective stain removal products with the most innovative equipment, Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC can knock tough stains out of carpets, rugs and upholstery for good.

Water Damage Restoration

Today’s homes feature many beautiful surfaces from carpet and area rugs to tile and stone floors. Hardwood floors are one of the most popular choices homeowners choose for their durability and long-lasting beauty. Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC offers industry-leading cleaning services for your entire home, including our Wood Floor Cleaning Process that combines cleaning and polishing to provide a deep clean that renews the beautiful look of your wood floors. Wood floors need regular maintenance to maintain their beauty and durability. Our Wood Floor Cleaning Process is specifically designed for solid hardwood and engineered wood floors as well as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) type flooring. Like other surfaces that see regular use, dirt, grime, and debris build up over time that can damage wood floors. The faster we can get in to remove water and to implement water damage restoration techniques, the less damage will occur. When pipes burst or when a roof leaks, tons of water can flood a home. If possible, turning off the main water valve, patch the roof or trying to contain the water as much as possible will be critical. If you are concerned about the potential of water damage in your home, it may relieve your fears to know that you are prepared.


Experience Makes All The Difference for Expert Carpet Care

With IICRC Certificates in RUG CLEANING and Water Restoration, also Certificate III in Asset Maintenance Carpet Cleaning PRM30604 we realize first-hand to create adjustments to your techniques and such to complement the characteristics of a specific fiber, fabric or construction method. We've considerable understanding of fibres, constructions, soils, chemicals and cleaning methods to ensure that we can pick the most reliable methods and chemicals for the problem at hand. There are various ways of rug cleaning but warm water extraction for carpet cleaning is I really believe the best. It really is far better at particle soil removal and sticky residue removal than other rug cleaning methods that usually do not involve vacuum extraction. This allows a multitude of spotting or stain removal rug cleaning chemicals can be utilized because of the flushing / rinsing ability. It really is a lot more effective on heavy soiling, also less re soiling because of rinse capabilities. At Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC we've a range of machinery including truck mounted machines and portable machine (for high rise buildings).

The Specialty of NYC Cleaning Services

Solution-Oriented: The cleaning services that are given by Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC were created as per the necessity of the client. We craft special plans based on the client’s requirements. Our expert cleaner uses the most recent techniques and tools for cleaning services.

Sustainable Approach: Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC provides most of its services in the most likely manner. We care for complete hygiene while performing our cleaning services. The employees of Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC and Carpet Cleaning Monmouth County NJ will not create any harm to your premises while performing their task.

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We have a large office on three levels. Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC cleans both our carpet (annually) and strips and shines our vinyl when necessary.

They always does a brilliant job. Nothing is too much trouble for them, in fact he always goes above and beyond. They fits in with the unusual hours and requirements of our business (customer contact centre) and is very easy to get along with!!



Hire Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYCfor all your tile and grout cleaning needs. I got irritated with stains on my tiles. I booked Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC for a tile stain removal. They were on time at my place and without wasting their time they started their work. The team of Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC is well experienced and know how to remove all the stains from the tiles. They really did a nice job. Thank you Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC team, for your kind and timely help. They are not so expensive also. I would like to recommend them to everybody and would use their service again in future.

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The professionals of this company delivered high-grade duct repairing and cleaning services with best procedures. I recommend them to my all friends and relatives. Thank you so much for providing excellent duct repairing or cleaning services.

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I would absolutely recommend Supreme Carpet Cleaning NYC to all, who are searching for the expert carpet repair service at an affordable price. Thank you!!

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